URGENT BREXIT NEWS:  If you are certified by a British Notified Body, you could lose your CE Certificate in 60 days.

It has been confirmed that in case of a No-Deal outcome for Brexit on March 29th, 2019, all CE certificate issued by Notified Bodies based in the UK will become invalid. This means that in less than 60 days, your product might be without a CE Mark, preventing you from selling in the EU.

What To Do To Avoid Losing Your CE Certificate?

Authorities and British Notified Bodies themselves, are urgently suggesting that manufacturers (no matter where they are based) IMMEDIATELY transfer their certificates to Notified Body based in the Union.

Start your transfer process today and avoid hindering your sales with a gap in coverage.

To deal with this urgent matter, ECM has developed an express service to speed up the process and make sure you meet the deadline with a valid CE Certificate.

Contact us to learn more on how the Transfer process works. info@ecmmedicaldevices.com | www.ecmmedicaldevices.com

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